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A few changes to my Rhygin: Swapped out the Brooks for a San Marco REGALe saddle. I almost did not try the demo REGALe because it felt rock hard and rigid but to my surprise with it’s classic Regal shape it is a dream to ride on.

With the long railed San Marco I was also able to put my Campagnolo Record seatpost back on the bike . I love the clamp on this seatpost. One bolt but still secure and very easy to adjust. Plus shiny alloy and an engraved logo from the C-Record era…beautiful.

My “small” boxy Rando bag was way overkill for me except when I was carting along my big DSLR camera with photo kit. I got a 2 liter Zimbale saddlebag and put two holes in the bottom to strap it to the rack and used the seatpost strap to tie it to the rack tongue in the back. The two straps intended for the saddle hold a small Lezyne road drive pump (a great pump).

I used to ride Speedplays. I need the float so my right foot can point out but I never was crazy about the cleats and tiny platform. I now have Stainless steel BeBops and am liking them much better. The stainless steel Bebops have as much float and are two sided like the Speedplays but have a larger platform. They are as light as exotic super expensive titanium carbon road pedals and have a lower stack height. Not to shabby.


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Rhygin rear triangleThe changes to the Rhygin’s rear triangle are done. In order to accommodate 40mm fenders and wider tires I brought it to Mike Terraferma. The short reach Record brakes are being replaced by Campagnolo Euclid wide profile canti’s. Mike cut out the brake bridge and brazed on: stainless steel eyelets at the dropouts, a cable guide (1.), a seatstay bridge with fender mount (2.), Canti bosses (3.) and a threaded boss on the chainstay bridge for the fender (4.).

Dirk Smeets

Dirk Smeets who will be assembling the bike came by and fabricated a seatstay bridge from a piece of stainless steel stock. In the above photo Dirk is filing the ends after bending the piece in a vice. Dirk was a framebuilder in his native Holland and built hundreds of frames. He now runs SECS Multisport where he offers bike fitting and coaching services.

I asked Dirk to assemble my wife’s and my bike as he has tons of experience with fenders, lighting dynamos and old MAFAC brakes (my wife’s Waterford 650B conversion has MAFAC 2,000’s , a TA rack and a bottle dynamo). Most LBS’s here have never even seen any of that stuff.

I wanted everything very utilitarian and minimalist on the Rhygin Metax frame and I think the results look great. The new Terraferma fork for the Rhygin is going to paint and I’ll have photos next week.

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