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    Enki Sports has just announced a new smart phone app that will integrate ANT+ cadence, speed and heart rate sensors with a web based training application.

    Enki Sports iPhone Training System

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ShiftIt!ShiftIt! iPhone app allows you to choose front and rear gears and cadence and calculate what your times would be on cycling greatest climbs (assuming you had the legs to ride your selected gearing).

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SizeMyBike iPhone app allows you to enter your dimensions and get suggestions for a proper bike fit.


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I’ve spent a week and 150 miles with the B.iCycle iPhone cyclometer. B.iCycle provides speed, distance, calories burned and altitude climbed info as well as a map of your ride. All without any peripheral devices zip tied to you bicycle. This was the chief attraction for me of B.iCycle. A lot of useful info and nothing needed but your iPhone.

For best reception B.iCycle recommends mounting your iPhone to the handlebar. I’ve just stuck the phone in my rear jersey pocket and that seems to provide good results. Of course I’m not getting the use of the speedometer or map while I ride with the phone in my back pocket but that’s OK with me.


To configure the app you just enter your bike weight and your weight so that calories burned can be accurately calculated. You can also choose US or metric units.

Ride Summary and Maps:

To start just select the B.iCycle icon and press start. Once you press stop to stop your trip you will be asked if you want to name your track and if you want it emailed to you.

You receive a text summary of all your track info and a .kml and .gpx file that you can view in google earth.

Pretty slick and really simple.

There is no communication with any peripheral device like heart rate monitors or cadence sensors so if that’s a requirement this is not your app. But if you want gps mapping, a speedometer, trip meter and a log of your miles ridden, feet climbed and calories burned this is an inexpensive ($9.99) and elegant solution.


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New SportyPal Bike app will be available very soon for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile users. Log and map your position, movement, distance, tempo and calories burned. It will not affect normal operation of your mobile phone, so you can still listen to music, receive and initiate calls and messages.


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Pedal Brain

Pedal Brain iPhone cycling app fully compatible with ANT+ cycling sensors such as SRM, PowerTap, Quarq, MetriGear & Garmin. Pedal Brain will also offer a web training platform as well as coaching plans by subscription.


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CycleMeteriPhone cycling app CycleMeter calculates speed, distance, average speed and trip time. Pretty plain vanilla functionality for a cycling app but CycleMeter uses a rather novel approach. It uses sound waves from a plastic tab installed so it hits a spoke to calculate speed as accurately as any cycling computer.


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iColsFor all you Pass Hunters and fans of cycling’s legendary mountain climbs, iCols brings the world’s greatest cols to your iPhone.


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gpsHere’s another slick GPS app for the iPhone: MotionX-GPS.  Save up to 303 waypoints, email waypoints to google earth or google maps, save up to 101 tracks, live compass (true or magnetic bearings).

Motion-X GPS

MotionX-GPS web site

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