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Bicycle Trail Calculator

Bicycle Trail CalculatorA really well done online Bicycle Trail Calculator. Very useful if you are thinking about a new fork to change your bikes handling, a 650B conversion or are wondering what effect different width tires will have on your bike’s geometry.


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There seems to be a decent size market for very expensive lugged steel bikes. The better American builders have waiting lists years long and venerable names like DeRosa and Colnago are turning out pricey lugged steel frames. Seeing as Campagnolo has retreated to the upper reaches of the high end of the market I’m a bit surprised they should leave this well heeled group to scrounge around eBay looking for NOS components.

Why not bring back the Corsa-Record name? Not a retro re-issue of the old C-Record line – a modern Record level engraved and polished alloy gruppo with all the latest tech and forged aluminum alloys but minus the carbon fiber.

Crankset and Derailleur

A compact double crankset with a choice of 48 – 46- 42 and 36 – 34 polished rings for customers who won’t be riding in the Tour and an nice and shiny alloy rear derailleur.

Campagnolo 2010 C-Record brakes

Long reach brakes that can fit 28c to 32c tires with fenders.

Campagnolo Brifters

Brifters in black and a honey/gum color hood option to match those Brooks honey colored saddles and shellacked cotton or cork tape. Now that Campagnolo has resurrected the Super Record name for racers and would be racers who can afford the same kit as the pros why not bring back C-Record in a way that would appeal to the retro-grouch with means? Something that would fit right in with his merino wool kit and custom lugged steel bicycle.

All the above images are photoshop altered images of current Campy kit. I’m sure if Campagnolo gave it more then the 2 hours I did they could come up with something worthy of the C-Record name which were some of the most beautiful bicycle components ever built.


Campagnolo has now released the Athena 11 gruppo which is available in all alloy [ except the brifter levers !!! ]. For less then half the price and a few more ounces then Super Record, Athena provides a very high performance alloy alternative. Now if they made a run of Athena 11 minus the boy racer graphics, the carbon wrap on the alloy levers and with just some laser engraved Campagnolo shields for graphics you would have an understated beautiful modern shiny silver gruppo that outperforms the old C-Record by quite a bit.

All that is missing are long reach brakes. Long caliper arms and side pulls are not a great combo. My photoshopped long arm sidepulls would probably be way to flexy unless they had really massive arms. A svelte light forged Campagnolo centerpull similar to the Paul Racer (which are updated versions of the MAFAC centerpulls) would be perfect.

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Steel all'italianoEven with the ascendancy of carbon among the top Italian builders there are still drool worthy steel frames coming out of Italy. While retro paint jobs that harken back to steel’s glory days seem to be the rule there is also some very forward looking, very Italian styling to be had in steel.


More reserved then some of Colnago’s pimped out extravaganzas this Master X-Light paint job has all the elements of the modern Colnago finishes pared down to the essentials.

Sexy Cinelli in Columbus XCr stainlesssteel tubing with a beautiful metal head badge:


A steel Bianchi in simple (actually a bit bland in this company) classic Celeste:


And then there’s the one and only Dario Pegoretti. His paint finishes bring to mind the BMW Art Car project. Except that none of the artists who painted BMW’s had as intimate a relationship with thier automotive ‘canvas’ as Dario has with his frames:

Buonasera Signorina fork crown image (left) via bikemag.hu     







Pegoretti Marcelo, Custom Italian Spaghetti via The Competitive Cyclist

Pegoretti Marcello

 Pegoretti Marcelo via Gitabike


Pegoretti Responsorium, Basquiat via The Competitive Cyclist


Pegoretti Marcelo, Baci via The Competitive Cyclist


Pegoretti Marcelo, Thelonious via The Competitive Cyclist


Pegoretti Responsorium, Ciaveté via Jasonwg’s Pegoretti Responsorium Flickr set


Pegoretti Marcelo, Why Not via Gitabike

Pegoretti Responsorium, Ciaveté

Pegoretti Responsorium, Ciaveté via The Competitive Cyclist

Tiziano Zullo is another smaller builder producing mostly steel frames:

Zullo Vergine

Zullo Virgene, Columbus XCr stainless steel via Zullo

Zullo Touring

Zullo Tour’91 via Zullo

Zullo Inqubo

Zullo Inqubo via Zullo

For more images and info see:

Dario Pegoretti 

Lot’s more info and pics of Pegoretti frames and bicycles at: The Competitive Cyclist. The Competitive Cyclist has the best designed retail web site on the net and it’s functional as well as beautiful. Lot’s of info and images, worth a visit.

For more Pergoretti also see: Dream Bike. An excerpt from their description of the Responsorium paint finishes: The only real options for Ciavete are a specific color request or a request for no foul language on the frame. One client was asked what he wanted on the top tube, the client replied, “I don’t give a fuck,” so when he got the bike “I don’t give a fuck” was on the top tube. 

Racing a Pegoretti, from the Above Category Blog (Above Category is a cycle shop in Mill Valley, California).

Flickr : 

Dirik’s photostream (Pegoretti Luigino and Duende)

Modulate’s Colnago Master X-Light set

Molto Colnago

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New Head Badge for The Rhygin


Copper head badge

I’m refitting my Rhygin Metax road bike ( I had the frame made in 1998 ) and have been tweeking not only the functional components but the esthetics as well. I never liked the decal on the Rhygin’s head tube – it was to big and the typography looked squashed to fit. Plus I don’t like decal head badges. I love those old metal badges, so I steel wooled off the old decal and created a slightly ‘improved’ design based on the logo type and sun graphic of the old head tube decal.

Jen Green took my drawing (right) and made up a beautiful copper head badge. Looks great against the Metax stainless steel.

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