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Via Campy Only! details on 2011 Campagnolo gruppos including an all silver alloy Athena gruppo with some improvements and weight savings over last years model.

More details from Campy Only>

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A few changes to my Rhygin: Swapped out the Brooks for a San Marco REGALe saddle. I almost did not try the demo REGALe because it felt rock hard and rigid but to my surprise with it’s classic Regal shape it is a dream to ride on.

With the long railed San Marco I was also able to put my Campagnolo Record seatpost back on the bike . I love the clamp on this seatpost. One bolt but still secure and very easy to adjust. Plus shiny alloy and an engraved logo from the C-Record era…beautiful.

My “small” boxy Rando bag was way overkill for me except when I was carting along my big DSLR camera with photo kit. I got a 2 liter Zimbale saddlebag and put two holes in the bottom to strap it to the rack and used the seatpost strap to tie it to the rack tongue in the back. The two straps intended for the saddle hold a small Lezyne road drive pump (a great pump).

I used to ride Speedplays. I need the float so my right foot can point out but I never was crazy about the cleats and tiny platform. I now have Stainless steel BeBops and am liking them much better. The stainless steel Bebops have as much float and are two sided like the Speedplays but have a larger platform. They are as light as exotic super expensive titanium carbon road pedals and have a lower stack height. Not to shabby.

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You can keep your cut outs, split wings and exotic shapes. For me nothing beats the classic wave shaped saddle.

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Now there is a PDF making the rounds which purports to describe new 2011 Campy products.

Check it out: Campy 2011.pdf

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Campagnolo Corsa Record Sheriff Star, Record and Gran Sport hubs.

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via Italian Cycling Journal

According to images posted to this Taiwanese site Campagnolo will be releasing a “CX11” 46/36 Cross crankset as well as Athena ergopower brifters with alloy levers. Great news if true.

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Inujirushi Bag, Dinotte 400LI, Deda barsSome changes and additions to my Rhygin Metax front end. A Inujirushi Bag from Jitensha Studio (I added the Campy and Columbus patches), Dinotte 400LI head lamp, Deda bars and a Deda stem.

The Inujirushi medium grey bag is a perfect fit for the Rhygin. It’s well made, the only negative being back facing pockets to shallow to get your hand into, making them of limited use. The price on these bags has risen a lot since I purchased it. I don’t know if I’d buy it at the current price with cheaper and well made alternatives like the Acorn bag out there.

I do almost daily pre-dawn rides and a good headlight is a must. I got the Dinotte 400LI. It attaches to the eyelet on the front rack and throws the perfect amount of light for urban riding, even on streets with no lights. Great product, great company with stellar customer support. Don’t skimp on your lighting. An expensive light is a lot cheaper then a cheap funeral or a stay in the hospital.

I needed a bit more length in my stem and with the new shape Campy hoods I have my bars set lower so I decided I’d be better off with less drop. So a Deda 215 shallow bar and Deda Murex stem replaced my trusty 3TTT Merckx bend bar and 3TTT stem.

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Unfortunately the work around I had been using to embed Flash into wordpress no longer works so I’m posting this as a slideshow until I find a better method of displaying the content.

There are thumbnails on the bottom although they are so faint they may be invisble on some monitors. You can pause the slideshow with the control on top and use the thumbnails to compare saddles.

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via The Competitive Cyclist: Campagnolo 11-speed 12/29 cassettes should be arriving 12/18/09. All current and future 11 speed derailleurs are 12/29 compatible. 1st generation 11-speed derailleurs will need part # 5-SR-004 ($6. USD) to make the derailleur 12/29 ready (see instructions above).

Campagnolo web site

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