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Speedbicycles.ch Bike Porn

This ICS-Design Prestige from Italcicli has to be one of the most gorgeous machines I have ever seen. Go to: Speedbicycles.ch for more.

Via: Speedbicycles.ch


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New Selle Italia Diva saddle, straight Thomson Elite seatpost and some white Giro tape for the Waterford.

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A few changes to my Rhygin: Swapped out the Brooks for a San Marco REGALe saddle. I almost did not try the demo REGALe because it felt rock hard and rigid but to my surprise with it’s classic Regal shape it is a dream to ride on.

With the long railed San Marco I was also able to put my Campagnolo Record seatpost back on the bike . I love the clamp on this seatpost. One bolt but still secure and very easy to adjust. Plus shiny alloy and an engraved logo from the C-Record era…beautiful.

My “small” boxy Rando bag was way overkill for me except when I was carting along my big DSLR camera with photo kit. I got a 2 liter Zimbale saddlebag and put two holes in the bottom to strap it to the rack and used the seatpost strap to tie it to the rack tongue in the back. The two straps intended for the saddle hold a small Lezyne road drive pump (a great pump).

I used to ride Speedplays. I need the float so my right foot can point out but I never was crazy about the cleats and tiny platform. I now have Stainless steel BeBops and am liking them much better. The stainless steel Bebops have as much float and are two sided like the Speedplays but have a larger platform. They are as light as exotic super expensive titanium carbon road pedals and have a lower stack height. Not to shabby.

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Details here: Bruce Gordon goes carbon fiber

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Mike Terraferma’s 650B Super Randonneur was reviewed in the latest issue of Bicycle Quarterly. Jan Heine concluded in the review: “the Terraferma is the first bike I have ridden that clearly performed better than my Alex Singer“. Mark commented in the same review: “The Terraferma goes uphill fast and it goes downhill fast; it goes around corners fast; and it goes over bumps fast; “…”If you rode it, you’d know what I mean, too. This bike just goes.

The BQ reviewers seem to agree. When it comes to performance in steel Mike seems to have the touch.

Campagnolo Super Record drivetrain, Paul Racer brakes, prototype Carbon front “bag”, DT Swiss Rear Hub, Synergy Rims, GB Randonneur bar, Schmidt Sondelux Dyno hub and Edelux headlamp, Henry James lugs, True Temper standard super light tubing.

The bike was purchased by Sam Eldersveld who saw the bike while it was being tested and bought it. Sam supplied the pics above. Here’s Sam’s take on the bike after a couple of 100 miles:

Mike Terraferma has built the lightest and most comfortable randonneur I have ever ridden. I have owned two other randonneurs and Mike’s “Super Randonneur” simply rides better. It is very lightweight and the “long-rake” fork is perfectly matched for the frame. With 650B wheels and 42mm wide tires the bike is amazingly quick and nimble. I have no problems keeping up with my younger riding mates on their racing bikes on uphill or down. On chip-seal, gravel and dirt roads the bike has no rival. The lighting system, with internal wiring is elegant and powerful. This bike is now my main rider for short, medium and long rides as well as my daily commute bicycle. Thanks Mike!

Terraferma’s current model line up:

Silver brazed super light lugged steel 650B high performance Super Randonneur (see above pics).

Price for frame & fork: $2,450. includes one color paint, needle bearing headset and  braze-ons for long reach Paul Racer or Mafac brakes. Custom rack available for $250.

Silver brazed super light lugged steel 700C. A race rig that can handle the pave and strada biancha just as well as the road. Optimized for 700 x 28c tires with clearance for fenders and braze-ons for medium reach Paul Racer M or Mafacs. Can be specced with a front rack as a go fast racing randonneur.

Price for frame & fork: $2,050. includes one color paint, needle bearing headset and  braze-ons for medium reach Paul Racer M or Mafac brakes. Custom rack available for $250.

Silver brazed super light lugged steel road racer set up for center mount side pull brakes and 700 x 21-25c tires.

Price for frame & fork: $1,900. includes one color paint.

CORSA STRADA “Carbocciao”
The Corsa Strada with carbon tubes and filet brazed OS steel lugs with a steel fork and carbon rear triangle.

Price for frame & fork: $2,990. includes one color paint.

Silver brazed super light lugged steel track bike.

Price for frame & fork: $1,900. includes one color paint.

All frame/fork models include custom geometry and tube selection geared to rider fit and ride application.

For more info call Mike at: 305-444-7062

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For sale at: My Old Bicycle

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1935 Bianchi Corsa

From Spernicelli Biciclette a truly magnificent 1935 vintage Bianchi Corsa. It doesn’t get any better then this.

1935 Bianchi water bottle

My Old Bicycle / Spernicelli Biciclette

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