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Before cell phones, cycling computers and all things digital men wore watches…

Louison Bobet, Fausto Coppi

Luis Ocaña, Jacques Anquetil

Miguel Indurain

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The 93rd Giro d’Italia starts this Saturday. In 1924 Alfonsina Strada was in the starting line up of the Giro d’Italia. After an epic effort that put her ahead of many of the men a crash caused her to finish outside the time limit. At the finish of the stage a crowd lifted her from her bicycle and carried her in triumph, in tears from pain and exhaustion and 25 minutes outside the time limit.

She remains the only woman to have ridden one of the major stage races.

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via Colectivo Bicicleta

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via Milano 2.0 a fire pumper bicycle shown at Biciclette Ritrovate 2010

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A Cargo bike loaded with a generator, DLP projector on a gun turret and 1200 watts of audio.

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The Green Party used Bogota’s weekly ciclovía to hold it’s first major political rally for presidential candidate Antanas Mockus. Mockus, who was expected to do very poorly in the national elections has seen an explosion of popularity placing him now in second place in polls. A former mayor of Bogota, the  ciclovía (the weekly closing of streets to car traffic) was one of many progressive iniatives that saw a positive improvement in urban life in the capital such as a 70% reduction in the homicide rate and a 50% reduction in traffic fatalities.

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